Celebs are humans too

Us women can feel really insecure about our looks when we look at the beautiful celebs walking the red carpets. But without all the make-up they look pretty average. Just like you and me. They have blemishes, freckles or looking underaged at 25.

This queen Bey is a beautiful lady from the inside and outside. She is still a beauty without make-up. But as you can see, her face has a few blemishes on the chin and her tiredness is showing.

Jennifer Lopez looks younger without make-up and very much like the girl next door. Look at the right picture, they even used eye-lid tape to change the shape of her eye-lids.

Kim Kardashian West never really without make-up. Look at the contour color in her crease. She is still pretty with a almost bare face. But remember, she had a “little help” from the  fairy godmother of plastic surgery.


Shakira is always rocking a natural look. But on the left she is more real, like the average girl you bump into at the grocery store.


Kylie Jenner has freckles! And again lipfillers….


Ariana Grande has a babyface without make-up. She looks underaged.

None of these ladies are ugly..and neither are you!


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